Coach Flavio
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Coaches 2020/2021


Tallaght Rockets has four coaches working with our players : 

Premier Men are being coached this season by VAI All Star Awardee (for 7 consecutive years!) Edyta Jozwiak McMullan. 

Edyta first began her volleyball journey in Poland at 11 years old, since then she has: played and represented the Junior National Polish Team, played in university and in second leagues before training with 3 premier teams since joining the volleyball community in Dublin, won league and cup games (winning MVP 2 times!) and has polished her skills along the way. All of her playing experience has aided her in the wide variety of teams she has coached.. from school/university teams to the Senior National Women’s team (as assistant coach) in Ireland.  
You can tell we’re thrilled to have a coach who can see volleyball from an array of different perspectives on our team. As somebody whose proudest achievement is that she kept a constant high level of volleyball over a long period of time, we’re looking forward to seeing what she can teach our Premier team with all of the experience she gained as part of a team and as an individual along her journey. 


The 2019 newly recreated Division 1 Women's team is currently being coached by Marie-Claire Sabogal.


Marie-Claire Sabogal is excited to move back into the indoor coaching arena to work with the Division 1 Women's Tallaght Rockets Team this Season.

Having originally coached multiple indoor school teams to victory in South Australia in their respective leagues and worked with club juniors to raise their game to State Level this will be her first official indoor coaching role in Ireland; a change of scene from her involvement in coaching juniors and seniors on the Beach Volleyball Ireland Festival Tour.

As a current member of both the Irish National Indoor and Irish Beach Volleyball Squads as well as having played in the Australian League she has a wealth of International Experience to draw on and share with this year's Tallaght Rockets Women.


Division 1 Men's team is now being coached by a very experienced coach (and very familiar face) from Italy - Flavio Palmeri.  

Flavio lives and breathes volleyball since his childhood years and has played his part in professional teams in Italy's Serie C and B Divisions. His experience in the game both on and off the court with his keen eye as well as his approach to working with his players puts a stronger foundation down for our Division 1 Men's team. As Flavio worked with our Premier Men’s team in 2019 and has achieved great results individually and collectively since 2017 when Flavio agreed to work with TRVC we have no doubt that Flavio will lead our men forward and make these Rockets soar to the moon and beyond! 


Division 2 Women’s team is in the hands of the innovative Brazilian coach Lucio Costa this season! 

With his coaching and managing experience spanning over nine years Lucio doesn’t only focus on training the athlete. He tries to get the person to expand and shift their way of thinking, of moving and of reacting. By believing that the most important thing in volleyball is teamwork and learning and understanding what your fellow teammates can do Lucio believes that this is the optimal way to raise a strong team. We at Tallaght Rockets completely agree with this, what is the point in having a team if all you see is miscommunication and cold relationships with players failing to understand each other?  
With his biggest achievement being founding Ajax Volleyball in Brazil over five years ago and building strong and technical teams that inspired new and young people to start playing volleyball we are curious to see what Lucio has in stock for our Division 2 team!