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Coaches 2022/2023


Tallaght Rockets has four coaches working with our players : 

Division 1 Men are being coached this season by Victor Ramalho.

Victor has lived and breathed volleyball since his early childhood when he used to move all his furniture away and play against his sister. This led to his journey being driven by motivation – to understand the game and to motivate his team.

Being captain for his teams in his youth he learned valuable lessons in giving and receiving support as well as the realities of the pressure and respect that encompasses what it means to be a player and a leader. This shaped his current philosophy on the game: ‘Volleyball is a team sport. That’s as simple as it is important for you to understand the game and succeed in it.’

With the desire to see everybody’s best and first-time coaching in a completely different language than he was raised with we are sure Victor will raise the game for our Div 1 men this season.


Division 1 Women are currently being coached by national setter and premier player Marie-Claire Sabogal.


Marie-Claire is no stranger to the indoor coaching arena and has been working with the Division 1 Women's Tallaght Rockets Team since 2019.

Having originally coached multiple indoor school teams to victory in South Australia in their respective leagues and worked with club juniors to raise their game to State Level this was her first official indoor coaching role in Ireland; a change of scene from her involvement in coaching juniors and seniors on the Beach Volleyball Ireland Festival Tour.

As a current member of both the Irish National Indoor and Irish Beach Volleyball Squads as well as having played in the Australian League she has a wealth of International Experience that she has and is sharing with Tallaght Rockets Women.


Division 2 Men's team has been coached by Junior Ribeiro since 2021!

Junior was sucked into the world of volleyball from a young age, where he would finish school and head straight to a court where he would watch people play volleyball for hours. Left mesmerised at a young age, Junior picked up the sport in his early teens and transitioned from the spectator to the athlete.
With the kindness of his coach who let him take a volleyball home to practice, Junior spent hours playing with the ball and refining his skills and technique. This shaped his current philosophy, ‘volleyball is life, it made me see my life from another perspective’ and anywhere he travels, he knows that any court is his home and the players on it are his comrades. Junior has led our Division 2 Men’s team with this philosophy and passion and we look forward to seeing what he will achieve this season!

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Division 2 Women’s team is in the hands of Irene Montesino! 

Irene began playing volleyball in her youth with her local community and in school and quickly rose to play competitively in high school, university and in the Philippian national league where she also played semi-professionally.
With her biggest accomplishments including applying skills of the game to competitive matches and gaining like-minded friends from all cultures it’s no wonder that the enjoyment and knowledge of the sport (and like a true teacher by profession) made her passionate to help others by coaching technical details of the game and to enable others to reach their full potential.
With Irene’s ‘practice makes permanent’ philosophy on the game as well as previous experience coaching in the Philippines and Ireland, we are sure Irene will grow our Division 2 Women’s team in teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.

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