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Coach Flavio


At the moment Tallaght Rockets have two coaches working with our players : 

Premier and Division 1 Men's teams are currently being coached by a very experienced coach from Italy - Flavio Palmeri. Flavio lives and breathes volleyball since his childhood years and have played his part in professional teams in Italy's Serie C and B Divisions. His experience in the game both on and off the court is putting strong foundation to both our Advanced and Intermediate Men's teams in achieving great results individually and collectively since 2017 when Flavio agreed to work with TRVC.

Division 2 Women's team is currently being coached by Rafal Kesik. Rafal has extensive experience in Irish Volleyball and have coached multiple women's teams in the past. Working with Division 2 Women's team coach is putting extensive focus on the basics of the game and getting our new women's team for competitive volleyball. 

Both of our coaches are also playing in the Senior TRVC Premier Men's team where Flavio is a playing coach and Rafa is playing a Libero.

Coach Rafa
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